Are you a 5-2-1-Almost-None Family?

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EAT at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day

CUT screen time to 2 hours or less a day

MOVE at least 1 hour a day

DRINK almost no sugary beverages


5-2-1 Almost None is a simple way to think about the choices we can make to live healthy. 5-2-1 Almost None is also a guide for helping our family, friends and neighbors live healthy.What changes can we make in the places and spaces around us to make healthy choices easier?


  Does my neighborhood store have fresh fruit and vegetables?

TV_sm Why don’t I start a neighborhood walking club ?

Sneaker_sm Could my church open its gym to the community so more people can stay active?

Soda_sm Can my child drink water at her childcare center whenever she is thirsty?



“5” — Eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day

tv-circle-small1“2” — Spend 2 hours or less in front of a screen or using technology

Too much screen time can be unhealthy and is linked to obesity and health problems.

sneaker-circle-small1“1” — Be active for at least one hour a day

 soda-circle-small1“Almost None” — Drink almost no sugary beverages

Did you know juice drinks, soda, flavored milk and sports drink can destroy teeth, cause obesity and lead to type II diabetes? Choose water instead of sugary drinks!

Get your family started on the path to becoming a 5-2-1-Almost None family today. Check out some ways to get started.