Safe and Healthy Children


Be Active Kids Program

Be Active Kids is an award winning, signature program of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation. This innovative, interactive health program for children ages birth to five is available to adults working in child care centers, child care homes, and schools across North Carolina .  It’s evidence-based and evidence-informed messages are carried out through five cuddly and adventurous characters including Blue the caring cub, Glide the bird, Swing the monkey, Leap the rabbit and Dart the dog.  Using these characters as their guides, children can engage in playful experiences, interact with an story, explore their natural surroundings, and much more. Learn more.

Pop-Up Play

Partnership for Children of the Foothills now offers Pop-Up Play Polk with a goal to promote play and healthy development for young children and families in Polk County. The program which meets monthly, encourages children to be physically active, improves social skills, enhances creativity, develops problem solving and critical thinking, takes appropriate risks and is fun! The program emphasizes unstructured free play outside, which helps build brains, reduce early childhood obesity and increases collaboration and teamwork.